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Smile Confidently With Our Crown and Bridges

You may lose a tooth due to an injury or severe decay. You may have some gaps between your teeth, which you wish to fix. Crowns and bridges come in handy under such circumstances. A crown, often called a cap, is one of the most suitable solutions available to restore your tooth to its normal shape, colour and size. It is laboratory-made and is effectively a cover that is placed on an individual tooth. If you are missing a tooth or want to fill the gap between your teeth, a bridge helps. A bridge is fixed in the mouth and helps prevent the adjacent or opposite teeth from drifting into the missing tooth space. We also fabricate and place Crowns of Implants. Dr. Farid Nikfar is highly experienced when it comes to crowns and bridges. He evaluates your condition thoroughly and comes up with a plan of action. He endeavours to provide you with solutions that are going to be perfect for the long run.

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Don’t let the gap between your teeth hold you back from smiling wholeheartedly. 

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