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Restorative Dentistry Services in Port Alberni

Restore your confidence and your smile with our restorative dental services. Dr. Farid Nikfar, Family Dentist, provides you with various services that can help you restore your smile, maintain dental hygiene, and overcome any dental problems. Whether you need crowns to fix a broken tooth or bridges to fill the gap between your teeth, we are your go-to place. We also help you with fillings to overcome cavities, and root canal treatment to get over severe pains that are accompanied by tooth decay. Dr. Farid Nikfar, Family Dentist, has an experienced dentist when it comes to cosmetic dentistry as well. If you wish to achieve that perfect smile, we are just the dental clinic for you.

Dental hygiene service


Get long-term solutions for your dental problems with Dr. Farid Nikfar, Family Dentist.

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